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Gear Review

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Just as nice as GU recommend either or.

These are the same as Gu no arguing that. I am not going to say these are any better or worse, because in my opinion they work exactly the same no difference. Other than the packaging being the same they give you quick energy that is soft on the GI tract and reducing stomach upset as well as they take about 10 minutes for your body to begin feel the metabolic benefits. The litter leash on these I am not impressed with and most of the time on the go I end up ripping the whole top off. Nice idea but in the end I don't really care, I am more than capable of getting my trash in a baggy and I just throw them in my designated trash compartment and go. Other than that I love them and they do exactly what they should do. I buy these in unison with GU depending on which is a better deal and or what is not sold out and what is available.