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Gear Review

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Is there anywhere I don't wear these?

I've had these sunglasses for about a year and they are great performers. I bought primarily for running, which they excel at. No budging or slipping when I sweat and I forget they are there. Venting at the top is adequate as well, although I have experienced days where they fog up under high humidity conditions (i.e. trail running through a cloud). Lenses are a breeze to snap in and out, although I only really use the polarized and the yellow lenses. Usually will swap in the yellows on rainy days to keep the rain out of my eyes.

Apart from running these are my everyday sunglasses. Biking, driving, you name it they go with me everywhere. Good durability, no scratches to speak of. If anything ever does happen to them I will likely replace them with Native's outstanding warranty program. No reason to switch.

Should mention that the case that I got with mine is not the one pictured in the Detail Views. It's a pretty low end soft case, but I actually prefer that as it does not take up as much room as a harder case would.