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Insane Value

At the currently sale price of $12 this is a no-brainer. I didn't even need grips so I haven't used those, but they feel great. A nice medium thickness and softness that should be pretty comfy for most hands. The saddle is what I was after. It's a bit longer than average which makes it look kind of funny, but it's a respectable weight (considering the dirt cheap price) and is actually super comfy. I generally ride 10-20 miles at a time on single track and haven't run into any comfort issues with this seat. Can't comment on longevity yet, but for the price if I get half a season out of it I'll be happy. Although it seems plenty burly to last as long as the average saddle. In short, if you're considering this and have any need for a saddle OR grips then get it! It's a crazy deal, and you or a friend are likely to need the other part of the package eventually if not right now.

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Well it looks like the price is up to $25, but I still vote these as a worthwhile investment! My buddy borrowed my bike for 5 minutes last week and instantly decided to buy one to replace his WTB saddle.

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Update: Used this saddle for a full season and am now entering my second season. Still happy with it, and looks like they're currently $16 with the grips too! There's probably nicer saddles out there... but for $16 what do you have to lose? I gave it a shot, and ended up calling off the search for a nicer saddle as I am completely happy with mine.