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Innings eater

If you can snag these on sale, they're a worthwhile addition especially if you have a more "American" build. I have narrow hips but a wide waist. They also seem kind of large in the thigh. I bought a large because I have a 36 waist (large is 36), but I have 39 hips and these measure around 42 there. So they fit me kind of like a sack of potatoes. Not compressive. But the chamois is quite nice and the fabric is ok and they feel good on the bike. I think the mediums would be too small. I will avoid this brand in the future due to the fit, but these are fine for someone who rides every day and doesn't want to do laundry twice a week (me). On sale I'm happy. At full price, this would be a return, but you might think differently if the fit was good for you.