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Gear Review

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Indispensible piece if you train

This has been a much appreciated piece in my winter training regiment. At first I wondered if the rock-n-roll would make a differance, it does. It really allows me to feel like I am on my bike and not just fixed to my trainer. (I also have the matching turntable riser ring to help this feel). The platform is pretty wide so you will need some good space to set this up but once you find its home the stability of the base when rocking side to side when standing is indispensible. Really, this is a game changer for doing intervals when the temps outside just are not cooperating. I have also started using the Kinetic trainer tires and it has made the unit even quieter and my good outside tires don't get worn out on my trainer - check their tires out.

I use this for base training starting in December and spend alot of time sitting near 225 Watts for a month and then start upping the Watts in February through March. One very noticable feature the unit has is the with increased speed you put out increased Watts withought having to go through your whole cassette to get there. I really like this progressive nature of the consistent road-like power curve that increases as your speed increases. See the Chart for yourself here -
This really works well.

I am using the Road Machine right now as I am on the road for work traveling with my bike and trainer. This is a great option as well, but does not even compare to the Rock-N-Roll. I will add a review soon on the Road Machine after I use it for awhile.