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Improved over the previous versions

This reservoir is 10x better than the old camelbak bladders. The screw lid is much more simple, making sealing the bladder with 3L of water in it an easier task. The quick link system makes threading the hose through various h2o ports of backpacks much easier that trying to shove the mouth piece through. Also, it allows you to have one bladder, but multiple hoses for different purposes. So, you can have an insulated one for winter sports, and a non insulated one for summer sports. the integrated drying system makes the bladder stay open to get airflow after washing. Point of advice, if you're not going to use your bladder for a while, empty out as much water as you can, roll it up into a gallon ziploc, and put it in the freezer. This prevents mold from growing in it. Flows nice, I always get the 3 L, even though it is heavier because i drink a lot. Definitely makes me drink more than a standard water bottle. I will always have one of these.