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Gear Review

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I wanted to like it...

...but not so much. The product seemed true to size. (they need to be somewhat snug to work correctly). Not too shabby on the comfort level, and in fact, made me feel very secure when I wore it.

My biggest beef was with the quality of craftsmanship. I lost a rivet after the first ride - sewing of pads to the netting then came undone in short order.

Long story short, I expected a better product from Fox. I returned it to HNR (without issue I might add...I love those guys) and quickly spent more $$ on a POC.(tey love me too...) I will write a review on the POC after some experience with it, but out of the box, the quality seems head and shoulders above the Titan. The old adage "You get what you pay for" seems to apply here.