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Gear Review

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I love this jacket.

The Leggera jacket is one of my most used clothes for my rides. If it's chilly, like 45--50ish, I put it on and ride until I, or the weather, warms up. Then, I just take it off, tuck it into my back pocket and off I go again. It is feather light and very packable. Lots of jackets say they are light/packable, but this one really is! For wind, it is excellent. There is a vent in the back which allows the wind to pass through the jacket and out, so you don't get a big puff marshmallow affect from trapped air. The material is breathable, but is also quite warm for its weight. It sheds water, so if you get caught under grey clouds, just snatch it from your back pocket (you did pack it before you left, didn't you?) and you are instantly warm and ready for the rain. The cut of the jacket is nice, especially the detail at the crook of the elbow where they gathered the material to make it comfy when you ride.
I tried a lot of wind/rain jackets before settling on this one. About 10 or so. I resisted the Leggera cuz I didn't want lime green or electric orange or lost-in-the-dark black. I wanted white. Which is perfect, since it comes in white...but I really don't like pink, and it has pink in it. I got over that little issue once I got the jacket on and out. It's great!! (And I am a very picky gal)
Ride safe out there!