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I give up!!!

These are nice knickers; well made, flattering fit, nice details, very comfortable waistband, non-binding in the knees, and a stretchy but supportive material. HOWEVER, the deal breaker is the pad. Why on earth do women's cycling clothing manufacturers think a cycling pad has to cover a woman's entire ass???? HELLOOOO: the pad only needs to cover my sit bones and pubic area, guys! I don't need the padding on my tailbone, nor do I need it on my outer hips!!!!
I give up! I'm returning these knickers (I returned a pair of Castelli's for the same reason) and am ordering what I should have ordered in the first place: Giordana Women's Forma Red Carbon knickers. I have been searching for a less expensive but performance oriented product for too long. I now swear my allegiance to Giordana. They understand what a women's cycling pad should be. For comparison, take a look at the photo I've included in my review. The green pad is the LG Pro Women's knicker, the red pad is the Giordana Women's Forma Red Carbon bib short pad.

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AMEN!!! I've been trying to tell them, too! Ladies, don't waste time/money...get to the point, quickly and effectively...GIORDANA all the way! Top quality, top 'looks', and comfort, too; ain't noting wrong with that! Prima bella.