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Gear Review

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I dig 'em!

I'd been looking for a pair of bib tights for a while and decided to pull the trigger on these. Glad I did! As most people know that Castelli gear runs small, I opted or the XL due to my height (6' 5") but was worried they'd still be a tick short on the leg as I have a 35-ish inseam. I was right, but that's the story of my life. The rest of the fit is awesome though. I'd say a 6' 3"-ish guy would have the bottom come right to the ankle. My quads/calves are fit, but not huge. They still felt snug and comfy with room to go for yall out there with bigger legs.

As far as the quality of construction, it's not my Assos stuff, but darn close being the Rosso Corsa line. The chamois is awesome and the stitching around the edge is smooth and unobtrusive. Definitely nicer than the KISS chamois in their standard bib. The overall material is thin and flexible, but semi-fleece like on the inside. It gives a thicker feel without a lot of added weight/heft. I'm telling ya... these + a pair of long socks and full shoe covers and you can run all day long in the 30's with zero discomfort.

The white accents seem to be a bit reflective (good for safety) + there is a reflective line that runs along the edge of the ankle zipper on the back that is very reflective. The inside of the "hem" area at the end of legs is rubber coated as well, so it grabs your legs a bit... which I personally like. The Rosso Corsa logo is stitched so it's more solid and will most likely last much longer than the standard Castelli "iron on" logo. Speaking of those, there are two of them on the back that you can't see here... one on each of the calves. Looks cool. There is also a rubber Italian flag stitched on the lumbar region of the back which is a nice touch.

The only thing that could be considered a con is the thickness of the shoulder straps. They could be a little more "sturdy". Not for riding, but for the washing machine time and time again. I wash my gear separately from other regular clothes so I think they'll be fine, but that's my only semi-negative comment on the overall quality of construction.

I got these on Black Friday and only paid $99 so I am totally stoked, BUT I do still think they are worth more than that and I think they're worth the higher/regular price. I gave it 4 stars because they're too short MY legs!!! B)

I dig 'em!