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I'm not necessarily a weight weenie but even I couldn't but this thing on my bike. Felt like a brick compared to my CK 20t. I know the CK is a little smaller. Went with the Niner 22t instead.

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What makes a brick is in the eye of the beholder. At 20T, the Surly weighs 77g while the CK weighs 52g. At 19T it's 70g/48g, at 18T it's 59g/52g, and at 17T it's 53g/35g. The CK is 20-25g lighter depending on the cog size; it's also steel and has a wide cassette stance and lasts pretty much forever, so it really comes down to whether one thinks the 20-25g and CK bling factor is worth the extra $20. I have a Surly bike and chainring, so for me the Surly cogs match better, otherwise that CK would be really tempting.

The Niner is either alu or Ti, so while it's much lighter it also wears much, much faster. A friend of mine wear through a Niner alu cog once per race season whereas my Surly cogs never show any wear.