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Healthy really???

I am planning many long hikes this summer so I decided to try these energy bars out (this is my first time making such a purchase appart from my school day granola bars). I was swayed by all the positive reviews so I went ahead and bought two boxes: one oatmeal rasin and one peanut butter cookie. I tried both out this week and what a disappointment. These taste like cheap toxic candy bars. Sure the ingredients are all "organic" so I guess you can do as they say and not feel guilty, but they still contain 14g of sugars for each 48g bar, ie more than a fourth of these is sugar (no surprise really given how they taste). So what if its organic evaporated cane juice and organic brown rice syrup instead of corn syrup.

I must say that its not that I am a health nut against sugar. I love me a nice slice of cake, brownies, muffins etc. I just would never consider taking those as meal replacements. I also usually only get the great tasting bakery or homemade stuff not the horrible supermarket sweets. The last is unfortunately what these Luna bars taste like. I would therefore recomend that you try these out before purchasing two boxes as I did. I also think that people should show a bit more critical thinking towards the whole "organic" therefore healthy propaganda.

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I think you are slightly missing the point of what these are for. I don't buy granola bars like these or cliff bars as meal replacements, I buy them as trail food to be consumed in between meals. I don't know about you, but when i'm out backpacking I burn 4,000-5,000 calories a day. It's tough to carry that much food, so I try to pack the most calories dense things I can find, which ultimately means lots of sugar and fat.

The fact that these have a bunch of calories along with some protein and fiber, more then a snickers bar anyways, makes them slightly better to eat for days on end in my opinion. The fact that they are mostly organic is just a bonus, as I don't feel that industrial organic food is all that much better then regular industrial food.