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Great shoe... know your fit

I just ordered a pair of these and really like these shoes. I originally got the size 43, which is my size for some shoes including my ski boots but they fit were a little big with some heel slip. I went into a local shop and tried on a pair of the 43's and 42.5 and in the store the 43s felt like the ones I needed as the 42.5's came right up on my toe. When I riding, the 43 had extra space and felt soupy. When getting road shoes, your foot actually slips back into the heel cup so toe space when trying on like normal shoes (i.e. standing and walking a bit) don't worry about the toe space. When in doubt, go for the 0.5 size smaller for the snug fit that you'll really want when your riding. I wrote them once and returned them; I emailed the dudes at realcyclist and they shipped out an order that day for the 42.5 for a swap. Great customer service, which is esp great when trying to order shoes online. These shoes are amazing; very much recommend them to anyone. I was wondering if the upgrade to the Ergos would be worth it, primarily for the heel tension mechanism, but once I got the right size these shoes fit exactly like you want them to when your riding. Usually my feet get a little tingly when I ride and i thought that was something that I'd just have to deal with; my first ride with these shoes my feet were warm and without numbness. Proves that having smartly fit and nice riding shoes are worth it.