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Gear Review

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Great ride...but poor durability

I tried these in place of my usual Conti's and the ride difference was notable and impressive. These tires perform as advertised.

However they don't hold up to road debris very well. The tread cuts very easily and after a couple of weeks I had some serious "gashes" in both tires. The 320 TPI and Kevlar construction kept the casing intact (pristene even) but eventually a piece of grit or glass would work its way into the cut and at 120psi that meant a flat -- I estimated I was getting 1 flat per 200km.

I wanted these tires to work so I replaced the rear after it developed a really bad cut but the replacement went the same way after a couple of rides. I switched to a heavier duty tube and lowered the pressure to 100 psi and suffered till I could justify replacing them with Conti 4000s's. It was frustrating because the tread on the front wasn't worn after 1500km but I just couldn't deal with the flatting. On the bright side my flat fixing times dropped.

If you want a race tire, I would recommend them. If you want durability/reliability, look elsewhere.