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Gear Review

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Great rear tire for n.texas

-fast roller
-very puncture resistant
-corners as good as a rear tire needs to
-decent grip for climbs (which is more technique than anything)

-tread pattern promotes speed over traction for braking, you have to give up something

Great North Texas tire which is basically moon dust over hard pack. running this on the rear with a racing ralph up front and working good.

I like over the kenda small block 8 i was running in the rear before. the sb8 is fast, but damn it sucks for braking and climbing..

for the money it's a great rear tire.

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Have you tried flipping the tires around? They're directional like you say; put them one way and they're fast and flip them and they give you better braking traction. There are indicator arrows on the sidewall letting you know which direction is "speed" and which is "traction".