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Great option for female riders

Although this is technically a Men's shoe, the unisex sizing makes this a good option for female riders. I normally wear a 6.5 in US Women's sizes, and the Van's Gravel size 5 is an excellent fit. Fit is similar to the Van's Rowley XL3. Sticks to the pedals, stiff sole, and super comfortable. I would definitely recommend them to other female riders.

Bonus: They are completely free of the color pink, flowers, butterflies or other horrifying nonsense commonly found on women-specific gear. Hurray!

Note, for strict veggie riders, it is difficult to determine if the upper is real leather or synthetic. They look synthetic, the website says they are synthetic, but the shoe tag says leather (see photo)

Great option for female riders
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This is just a follow up on what dirtIsForGirls said about the materials the shoes are made of. I contacted Vans and asked them about the discrepancy between the shoe label, which says leather upper, and what this web site and Vans' own web site says about the construction material. Both Web sites say that the shoes are made from synthetic leather. Vans said the shoes are indeed synthetic leather, but they didn't have an explanation for the apparent mislabeling of the shoe.

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Well, the picture there show animal hide for the uppers. See the picture that looks like a pelt followed between pictures of shoes? Yep. Not veggie.

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Even though I'm not a Girl I find these "gender-specific" pink,flower,bee, etc stuff pretty annoying too. Helpful was it for me as a veggie !