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Gear Review

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Great little hydration pack

When I went searching for a new camelbak this spring I wanted something a little larger than my old bladder-only pack. After a few on-trail mountain biking incidents while riding with friends I decided I wanted a pack with a little more space to carry a few first-aid items. The Rogue has a couple pockets that are perfectly sized to fit my keys, wallet, phone, and some basic first-aid supplies (gauze pads, tape, cravat, and gloves) should another friend find it necessary to whack his face into a tree.

I've been quite happy with it this summer. It's a smaller bladder than my old pack, but it still carries plenty of water for a 20 mile trail ride. I had looked at bigger packs, but I'm glad I decided on this one. The total weight isn't much different than the old pack. The additional items I carry in the new pack are no heavier than the water weight I stuffed into the old one.