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Great for use with Mountain Pedals

These are great shoes if you don't want to buy a pair of road pedals. I use these with a pair of Shimano mountain pedals on my road bike and they work perfectly. It's nice to not have the extra tread on the sole like a mountain show and the recessed cleat makes it much easier to walk around. The fiberglass sole is also fairly stiff, but does have more flex than a carbon sole.

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Did you notice any hot spots with the SPD clips on the road? Do you have larger feet or average sided feet because I have heard that sometimes people with larger feet should go with road pedals because the pedals have more surface in contact with the foot. Is this usually true?

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I haven't noticed any hot spots from riding on the road. My road bike sees far less time than my mountain bike though. I have an average size foot, size 43. I can see what you're saying about a rider with a larger foot, but I feel like these are stiff enough to eliminate that.