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Great at putting logos on your feet

This product excels at putting large Castelli logos on your feet, and little more. It's not really apparent what these actually do as far as function goes. They certainly do not add any warmth to your feet or even do that great a job of keeping your shoes clean. To get them over your shoes, the fabric is stretched so thin that there's no way they are providing any real amount of insulation or even good shoe protection. If the fabric looks thick in the picture, that is only because the bootie appears to be worn over a foot versus a shoe.
They are starting to develop several holes already, and not just where toe/heel touch the ground. The Castelli logo appears to be a weaker stitch as there are starting to be several holes there as well as a small (but growing hole) where the bootie covers the buckle closure thingy.

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Ah, so you've uncovered the fact that NO ONE is willing to accept/admit: they kinda suck. If you want to protect your feet from cool air or moisture you'll need to get a proper shoe cover that's not an over sized sock with holes in the bottom. The concept may work well if you're riding under 15mph (and in dry conditions) but as soon as you exceed that speed the wind goes right through this and all other Belgium Bootie slash over sized socks proving them to be nothing more than what you mentioned: advertising space.