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Great Tire. Too Bad They Don't Fit

These are great tires. They ride well, corner great, and wear adequately. But I doubt I will ever buy another one. Conti tubular tires are sized just enough too small that they are next to impossible to mount. And I have mounted a lot of tires in my life. I had hoped the 4000 would be sized better, but no. Even after stretching them for a week at 140 pounds pressure they still fight you to a standstill when you try to mount them. I'm sticking to my Vittorias for tubies and Continentals for clinchers.I guess you could pay someone to mount them for you--but I am somewhat anal about knowing my tires are mounted correctly.

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Write your comment here...I never had any trouble mounting them on zipp 202's. I stretched them over night and viola, no trouble.

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Seems to me that Conti's are always fit tight, whether tubulars or clinchers. I've stretched Conti tubulars for days and still had a major thumb workout when doing final mounting. They are definitely a tighter fit than other brands. But, I've concluded that they're worth the extra effort. They seem to be consistently well-made and a good general purpose tire, durable enough for training and fast enough for racing.