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Great Quality, but the fit.... more for long, skinnier legs. The "XL" was too tight, the "XXL" too baggy around the hips. Too bad, they weren't for me.

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Would you recommend these for someone who normally requires a tall? I have a 34 inch waste, but a 34 inch inseam, and all other tights are too short. (I imagine the stirrups might keep everything in place.)

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I'm really happy with mine. The sizing chart was accurate, and the fit is good. Long rides in the saddle are comfortable, in fact these tights are more comfortable than most of my high-end shorts. I think the stirrups actually contribute to that by preventing "bunching" of material in the crotch area. I am 6'2" with a 35" inseam, so the stirrups work well for me. Insulating and wind resistance seems more than adequate for me, actually not wearing my booties so that I can use my feet as little radiators to keep my body cool. While they are relatively expensive at $199, I think they're a good value. Would definitely recommend to others.