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Great Pump. I would definitely recommend

I really like the other version of this pump, the pressure drive and like others, I have been on a ride and then realized I needed to tighten the removable stem. I happen to have a spoke tool on my multi-tool and it works fairly well. I have now made sure that I don't have any of those types of tubes. Riding for a handful of years recreationally, I am kind of curious why the stem is removable in the first's not like you're going to need to replace it. Maybe I'm missing something but the removable and replaceable stem seems completely useless and only apparent when using a screw on style pump.

I see now they have this road drive CFH and I think I'll opt for this one next time and see if there's any difference in the pump since it'll go up to 160psi according to the specs.

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Presta valves have removable cores so that Valve Extenders can be used to lengthen the valve stem (36mm, 48mm, or 60mm) to clear the rims and fairings on deep section carbon wheels. You remove the core, screw on the extender, and the screw the core back into the now longer stem.