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Great Product!

These sunglasses are the best performance based glasses I have ever owned. The look is great and the feel is absolutely amazing; they barely feel like they are on your face. The photochromic lenses are perfect for every condition; letting in just enough light during cloudy conditions, and dark enough for bright, sunny days. I've found the best use for these glasses while on my road bike, but they also didn't move on my face at all while playing volleyball. It seems as though they will be great for every situation.

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i have a pair of flack jackets and the bows are just free so the bows just flop around if i am not wearing them, do the Radar Path have hinges? or are they free floating as well.....

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The 'arms' of the glasses do hinge, if that's what you're asking(?). They fit quite snuggly, no flopping around...