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Great Jersey

Just got this today, but my initial review is that the jersey is comfortable, breathable, and good quality overall. The colors (I ordered a red one) are even more vibrant in person. The fit of the jersey is loose, even in a size small, especially around the arms to accommodate arm protective equipment. The cuffs at the wrist do a good job at keeping the jersey's sleeves from hanging down and getting in the way. Great product and great design.

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Alex, can you tell me what size you are (t-shirt/sportcoat size) and also what protective armor you're wearing under this jersey? As usual, I can't decide if I need a small or a medium! A size SM shirt fits me perfectly and I'm wanting to put this over the bionic jacket. Any advice?

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Hi Alex, just got my jersey today. Im 5'-9" and just under 150lbs. I ordered the Medium, and without body armor, fits like a dream. The material is amazing, and by far the most comfortable jersey I have owned.

I have the Troy Lee "Rincon" Body Armor, and because of the material of the jersey, it stretches over it like a football jersey. If you like form fitting and are comfy in a SM size, I think you will be pleased with the Medium fit over your armor (as the AS Bionic is pretty low profile like the Troy Lee).

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Oh, I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you in time guys. I'm a female, around 5'8 and 120 pounds and I bought this in a small. At a size small (without armor) its loose but not too baggy, since it isn't a women's cut jersey. I now have an Alpinestars Stella Bionic jacket that I've been wearing underneath it and can say that if you plan to wear it and have a similar fit to me, get a Medium. The armor fits underneath it, but it fits very snug, almost like a football player. Its a bit tricky to get on and off with armor underneath, so I would recommend a size up with armor.

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Update: the size SM jersey fits me perfectly with or without the Astars Bionic for BNS armored jacket. The jersey fits only slightly tight over the Bionic jacket but a medium's sleeves would be too long. The SM sleeves are just right for me and it all actually looks and fits really really great. With the A-Line pants in Red/White/Black it is tip-top gear. I should mention that I'm using this as summer motocross gear in Alabama and that it works perfectly for that. It was 95 F Sunday and the A-Line gear is so mesh that I could feel tons of air move thru and I only had to stop when i got tired or thirsty. Super happy with this gear (just bought a 2nd set last nite!!).