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Great All Rounder

I ran this in 2.2" on my 29er for the last couple years and was really happy with the mix of incredible traction and fast rolling. At first I chalked it up to the 29er size, but I just put these in 2.2" on my 26" trail bike and it's the same thing; they're still great. The traction on climbs is fantastic, it holds an edge in corners really well, and it still rolls really fast. They're even reasonably lightweight while still being a true fulll-size 2.2" tire. The only thing it doesn't do really, really well is shed mud, and it even does that pretty well.

I run all of my tires tubeless (both conversion and tubeless rims), and oddly enough I've found that the foldable version does this way better than the TNT version. The plain folding Saguaros are the easiest tires to mount I've ever encountered; I don't see any reason to go with the TNT.

In addition to being a great tire on the trail and being easy to mount, they also have a nice thick sidewall and stand up to abuse. I really can't recommend these tires enough. I have them two different bikes in two different wheel sizes (though both 2.2") and am always happy riding them.

Didn't notice this earlier, but the listed weight is TOTALLY wrong. These weigh ~600 g (there's a 10 g or so spread), nowhere near the 900 g listed. That listed weight doesn't make any sense; they're not front and rear specific, either, it's a single tire. You can switch the tread direction for "speed" or "traction" (I run speed in front, traction in back), but it's the same tire, just mounted in different directions.

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are u kidding me reasonably light weight you might want to try a schwalbe or geux because these f'n tires weigh over 900 thats rediculous the only thing i would use these lead monsters on is downhill there horribly heavy the heaviest tire ive seen in fact and that matters expecialy when u buy an xc race bike thats full carbon simply for the weight reduction then throw these on thee u might as well buy an aluminum frame because the extra 1000 grams is over a pound rom the smart same a whole pound of diference in two tire weight thats nuts man

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The listed weight is totally wrong. First, they're not front/rear specific, it's one tire so listing different weights makes no sense. Second, those are way too heavy. The 29er 2.2" comes in at about 680 g and the 26" version is right around 600 g. The are nowhere close to 900 g.

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Also, I did replace some sub-530 g Schwalbe Rocket Rons with these; while those are incredibly light I'm significantly faster on climbs with the Geax because the Schwalbes just made shouldering the bike a little nicer when I had to run up anything remotely steep or loose. Sometimes some extra weight is worth it, otherwise we'd all be riding rigid forks.