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Good product but range of use throughout the seasons

Here's what I found good: the bibs fit great and the cut is comfortable; Gore's sizing chart seems to be accurate - I'm 5'9" and have a 32" waist, and the medium is spot on; The leg grippers really work well at keeping the bottom hem in place; it's a high quality Lycra they use for them, too; and the reflective tabs stitched into the seams are subtle and unobtrusive.
Things I found less than impressive: the name Gore gives to this particular insert, PowerMan, is somewhat overly ambitious a label to describe the quality of foam used for this pad. I found it less than substantial for medium to longer rides (their OZON insert, however, is top notch); although good quality, the material used for this garment is no heavier, or has no better thermal qualities, than your summer bibs. There is some added protection from cooler weather over the knees, as far as the insulating properties of moisture evaporating Lycra can provide. But I feel the range of use for this bib is limited to those transitions between early to mid spring and mid to late fall, when the variation in temps are shifting throughout the day. You may as well get some leg warmers to fill those gaps and have some thermal bibs or tights at the ready for winter.