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Gear Review

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Good in the dry and cold

I did not buy these from Realcyclist, but locally. The Chiro Due gloves are quite good in the 36-40 F range, I have used them for 3+ hours in this range and my hands have stayed warm. Between 40-45 F they are good but on the warm side and above 45 F they are probably too much. I had to ditch them one day when the temps got upward of 45 F, changed them out for a pair of Defeet Woolie Duragloves that I was carrying (it was early days with the Chiro Due and I did not know how warm they were). I have not used these in wet weather, but I suspect they will not be stellar performers in steady rain and cold temps as most WS gloves are a letdown in these situations. Hint: try neoprene paddling gloves for cold rainy days.