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Gear Review

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Good, but so pricey

I tried a tube of this to see if it is better than Chamois Butt'r. The price difference may lead you to believe that there is a substantial difference in performance. What I found is that DZ Nuts is doesn't work better, nor is it inferior. I found it to work just as good as CB. The menthol was a seriously invigorating the first time I used it. I found the sensation to be far less dramatic in future uses. For me, this honestly comes down to cost. I'm not a pro, and I have to pay for my equipment. DZ nuts costs about 50% more than Chamois Butt'r for half the amount of product. I just can't justify the price considering the consumable nature of the product. A tube of Chamois Butt'r may barely last two weeks if I'm riding a lot. There's no way I would want to essentially triple that cost, I would rather spend the money on durable products that I may still have in a couple years.