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Gear Review

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Good, but not without issues

I've used these now on two rides; 45 and 35 miles. I really like them. However, I do have some issues. I'm 5'9" 178. Sized up as recommended. They fit very well in Large and no issues with strap discomfort. They feel good while riding although I'd say the padding in the seat is good but not great. My issues are when I got home and took them off. I had vertical crease lines running down my legs from the seams. I don't really care because they didn't bother me one bit while riding. The bigger concern is that there are two crescent moon shaped abrasions on my upper inner thigh (near crotch area) from where the edge of the padding meets the pant material. Each abrasion is about 2" in length. Again, I didn't notice it during the ride but these are litterally red abrasions that last for a while. Though they don't cause any real pain they are very noticable. Capo should definitely work on making a more smooth transition between the padded and unpadded areas.

Overall, I still really like these bib knickers and they will be my go to pants for cool/cold weather rides. Hopefully my legs will become more resistant to the abrasions after a few more rides with them.