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Good, but not perfect.

Okay - i just ordered this bib this past week, and it arrived before the big weekend ride. The rally scene in North Texas in the spring and summer is intense, and the incredible heat wave has left many people suffering and sagging in. The Coldblack fabric worked pretty well for me last year through Descente products, but the cost was prohibitive. This year, I decided to try the Hincapie Coldblack. Suffice it to say that once again, the fabric works. I am definitely feeling less stress from the heat and humidity, and the fabric definitely has a 'cool' touch to it.

My problems with the bib are two-fold. First, despite the face that I respect Hincapie's design and popularity, I did find that the elastic seam around the quads was too loose. I saw this same problem afflict Chris Horner in the Tour of California, and I am seeing it now with my bibs, and also the $350 coldblack skinsuit. I don't know it there is a solution, other than rolling it up, much like other elastic shorts on other brands. It's disappointing that the fabric is too stretched, and catches in the wind. This from a guy with a skinny chest and bigger quads.

Second, and this is more disturbing.... The chamois was AWFUL. I was sore less than 90 minutes in to the ride, and it only got worse. I'm really a pretty adaptable guy, but this pain was not due to a saddle or position change. This was due to a chamois that did not hit the right parts in the right way.

I'll certainly wear these bibs again, and frequently, but I'm going to have to roll up the shorts, and add some really slick chamois cream in order to overcome the problems with these bibs.

I wish I could give a better report, but right now, the bibs only merit 3 stars. Maybe RealCyclist could call up someone in Greenville and ask them to 'cinch up' the elastic a bit on the legs?