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Good & Bad

First, the good. The ventilation of this jersey was pretty good, especially on the back, chest and armpits. But the rest of the jersey didn't breathe very well. I live in Arizona and need all around breathable fabric. I'm 6'2" 205 and found the 2X to be just slightly too big. Parts of the jersey still flapped in the wind. If you're going to get any benefits out of the kinesio strips you've got to get a tight jersey. The XL would have been best for me.
But the main reason I wanted this jersey was the waterproof pocket for my iphone. But it didn't fit!! Unless I wrestled with it for minutes at a time. And even then I had to jam it in. Forget using it while riding or even while stopped. Also, that pocket is sewn into the middle back pocket and hangs loosely inside it. So if you want anything out of the middle pocket you have to fight with the waterproof pocket and it's contents. And even then the pocket can end up flapping in the wind behind you. Fix the pocket, add lighter fabric and a full zipper and this is a great jersey.

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Hey bud based on your info you pretty much the exact same height and weight as me and ive been reading all your reviews on the gear. question for you about the Zero RH + Kinesio Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's. problem ive been having is iam a size medium and i find jerseys to short. do you have the same problem as iam also 6'1. I dont like bibs dont feel right for some reason. i like a tight fit so medium is perfect for me but always to short, if i get a large would the length be longer ? if so would the rest of the jersey be bigger? i cant seem to find jerseys that are longer but a size medium. You have any suggestions?