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Goatheads are no longer my nemesis

I used to dread getting goathead thorns in my tires and needing to patch either 5+ holes, since I'd get 5+ goatheads embedded in my tire at a time, or replacing my tube. Thorn resistant tubes didn't work and even DH tubes didn't work. I was ready to convert to tubeless with Stan's, until I found this.

I pumped some of this with the Caffelatex injector into my tubes, which don't have removable valve cores. That's all it took. I've discovered some nice side effects too, such as tire pressures remaining constant despite not riding for days. I also am no longer afraid of going through certain parts of the trail, feeling more inclined to adventure through neglected overgrown trails. When riding to the trail, I ride in the dirt instead of trying to share the pavement with the cars that only give you an extra few inches of extra space when passing.

Now when I see goatheads embedded in my tires, I just smile.

It's not whether this is any better than Stan's or Slime, it's how good it is for certain needs and it seems to handle my needs perfectly. I also mix this stuff with Stan's for my tubeless tires, to help initial sidewall sealing, as I hate spending 10 minutes on the Stan's shake and lay flat on side procedure to create a seal. I rather just put sealant in, pump it up, and ride. I'd go full Caffelatex, but I still had some Stan's and I know Stan's works great at sealing relatively large punctures, while I'm not quite so certain how this stuff will work on any relatively big punctures and don't really want to find out in an inopportune time.

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Following a ride, I parked my bike for about 15 minutes while putting away my gear, and looked over my bike. I pulled out a goathead that I saw in my tire, heard the expected hiss of air, and rolled the tire a bit and found that the sealant failed to seal it. Instead, it just squirted out the puncture as the wheel spun, getting everywhere. I guess it works best in a foamed up state.