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Bleeding your brakes seems like a daunting task, but it is really pretty easy and very worth doing! Bleeding your brakes regularly will make them work a LOT better, and if you have to pay to have a shop do it then odds are you'll put it off longer than you should. This bleed kit is nice too, the syringes are super nice and make the job that much easier. Just take it slow and follow the instruction carefully. The process seems super complicated the first time you do it, but after a few times it's an easy job that only takes a few minutes.

It's also a nice bonus that this kit includes a couple of barbs and olives in case you need to shorten or replace a cable. If you are buying new Avid brakes right now you WILL need to shorten the lines, and you will need the olives (the hollow silver things in the picture) to do this! Instead of paying a shop to do this for you just buy this kit, do it yourself, and then you'll have a bleed kit to maintain your brakes too. There's some great youtube videos to walk you through the process as well since the written directions can be a bit rough sometimes.