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Funky shirt - good and bad

This shirt's a little odd. First, it looks awesome. But, the Black / Cyan version isn't black. It's this dark purplish slate. Second, the sleeves are a bit tight through the pits and gap up. It's possibly part of being straight cut (as someone else mentioned) and not diagonal cut. It is also short. I'm 5'10", 180lbs (lean and mean, naturally ; ) ), and of pretty torso:leg ratios, and these comments are for the Large. Through the torso, I probably though I could have used a medium, but the pits would be ridiculously tight. The sleeves aren't such a big deal, but I could see how they would be annoying if my arms were a bit skinnier.
Then, there's the issue of the kit itself. This shirt does not appear to match the bib at all. The colors are completely off. Second, if I take a deep break, there definitely a bit of skin peeking out. Probably not an issue while riding, but I bought this kit to look cool both on and off the bike.

Funky shirt - good and bad
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Ack - one more thing - I don't think that raglan (diagonal cut) sleeves would make a difference. The long sleeve jersey is raglan cut and it's even worse in the pits. : (