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Fox Launch pads stay put.

I had problems with other pads not staying where they belonged the cross strap design solves this. My first pair started looking awesome with dings and scratches from 3 years worth of riding rocks and roots, but the velro straps lost their elasticity in my garage over time. (that happens to all my elastic items stored in my garage for some reason). My second pair are just as good. I also like there is no sleeve or other excessive material to keep my legs hot in the summer. They stay cool, sty put are light and save your shins and knees. But you look like Darth Vader from the knees down. I hear they recently redesigned these to be cloth. They should not mess with perfection and add clothy heat just for a new model. That's okay though... to me it means I'll be able to get these on clearance and have my favorite pads for years to come.