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Gear Review

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Flashy, functional, overall very good

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've ridden two of these now on my 1x9 setup. The first wore out after about a year (~2000 miles; I ride and race a lot of dirt). It was still functional, it just had one tooth worn really far down. So durability is very good, but not fantastically unbelievable (unlike, say, the Blackspire Mono Veloce ring I've had on another bike for forever that the ano still hasn't even worn off).

Performance-wise it's a chainring, I mean what can I say? It's got a tall tooth profile for single ring use. I use it for 1x9 as I said and it works great for that. It still needs a chain retention device (I use a MRP 1.x), but it doesn't try to buck the chain under load at all, the chain retention device is mainly to keep the chain down while I'm bombing down really rough stuff as it's a hardtail and gets some bucking.

The reason I buy this and not just another Blackspire (which is functionally identical and has better durability) is the colors and tooth selection. Well, maybe not tooth selection personally (I use a 34T, but the Blackspire only comes in 32, 34, and 36 so you're out of luck for 33 or 35T), but the color aspect cannot be understated. I have a lot of red ano highlights on my race bike and the red ano chainring just looks so damn good, it's worth it to me to replace it once a year. Ok, so it's shallow, but if you look fabulous you ride faster. It's a fact.