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Gear Review

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First skully

This winter, I started collecting winter gear... trying to avoid the trainer if possible. After getting tights, jackets, overshoes, etc; I started trying the colder rides. Keep in mind, I live in NW GA, so we don't have frigid temps and blizzards, but it does get quite cold.

With the above mentioned gear, the first thing I noticed was everything seemed warm into the mid 30's, except my head and ears. This made me miserable for about the first 15 minutes of riding. I had eyeballed this skull cap for a while, but I was waiting to get it on sale.

After the wait, and never seeing it on sale; I took advantage of combining it with a smaller order to put me over the free shipping mark.

I must say that this thing appears to be worth every penny. I have ridden in some pretty chilly temps down to about 35 F with this. My head (and my ears) were very comfortable. But, most impressive to me, was my ride yesterday. Not the coldest at 42 F, but 20-25 MPH winds... I wasn't even phased. Comfy head, good ride.