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Firmware Bugs - Loses or Corrupts Data

If the Edge 500 wouldn't crash, lose or corrupt data, it would be great.

But it does crash, lose and corrupt data...!!!

See the Garmin forums for all the user problems!
one thread is over 24 pages now...


Piece of junk
- the Edge 305 was better.

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Garmin has just released an important new update for the 500:
Changes from version 2.30 to version 2.40:
 Fixed issue that was causing unit freezes on manual and auto laps
 Fixed issue that was causing missing activities after reset
 Fixed issue that was causing missing laps and bad timestamps in activities
 Fixed issue causing large elevation readings to be recorded in activities that created errors when uploaded to Garmin Connect
 Improved smart recording
 Added a Statute UK setting that sets distance to miles, speed to mph, elevation to meters and temperature to Celsius
 Fixed issues related to editing workouts
 Fixed issues with 'Repeat Until' in workouts
 Implemented a prompt if the timer is not reset after 4 hours to remind the user to reset
 Corrections to ANT wheel speed, size and auto calibration with PT hubs
 Course Map Zooming -> The device now pops up a page on the course map with the light key like is done for the course scaling. This page will allow the user to set the zooming to auto or to some set zoom level.
 Updated the Start Notice feature to alert the user any time the timer is not running if set to Repeat
 Fixed issue causing elapsed time to not be calculated correctly
 Delete Garmin software update files after updates are complete
 Updated translations

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WebUpdater is a free application that lets you update your unit software from home. Download it once at the link below, and you can check for and install software updates without using your Internet web browser. Simply run WebUpdater from your computer, and it will do all of the work for you.
How Does WebUpdater Work?

WebUpdater's simple interface makes it easy to upgrade your operating software. Just connect your Garmin GPS to your computer, run WebUpdater, and follow the screen prompts. After confirming that you want to perform an update, WebUpdater will download that update for you and install it on your GPS. WebUpdater always checks for its own update first before performing a unit update. Unlike previous versions, you no longer need to download Web Updater everytime you upgrade your unit software. Once installed, simply run it from your computer —no need to download anything else yourself!
Step 1: Download and Install WebUpdater

Click the link above to download WebUpdater. Next follow the screen prompts to install the application on your pc. If you have already installed WebUpdater on your computer, skip to step 2.

WebUpdater updates most Garmin products, excluding Palm and Pocket PC devices, fixed-mount marine units, chartplotters, fishfinders and certain discontinued units we no longer support. It does not perform Beta updates. WebUpdater only updates unit software. See our All Updates & Downloads web page for related utilities, drivers, add-ons and the unit software for the excluded units mentioned above.

Step 2: Connect GPS to PC and Run WebUpdater

After installing WebUpdater once from the Garmin website, perform all future software updates from your computer. Simply connect your compatible Garmin device to your computer, then run WebUpdater from your computer's "Start Menu" by selecting "Start", "Programs", "Garmin", and finally "WebUpdater".