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Gear Review

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Finally, something other than Giro

The Lazer Helium is a stout helmet...not stupid light (as the name would imply) nor porky, but well constructed & solid. You feel like you're strapping on something that will in fact protect you. The RollSys adjustment tightens or loosens a band that goes around the crown of your head, which holds its position without any flopping around. Set it once & you're done. The chin straps are very thin & light, and fasten with a magnetic buckle that basically closes itself...very cool. Two beefs: the vents are not big enough to put a finger into to scratch an itch, and something about the brow pads seems to direct sweat down the bridge of your nose, but these are very minor complaints overall. From a style standpoint, it's hard to glad to break from the Giro chokehold & snag a bit of Euro flair without going over the top à la that Catlike monstrosity. Graphics are very nicely done & show great attention to detail. Pads are comfortable, and there are no hotspots that develop over the long haul (I had a problem with the Giro Ionos in this regard, right around the top of my forehead...something about it seemed to dig in there). For larger heads like mine, this helmet doesn't make you look like Marvin the Martian; on the contrary, it seems to strike a lower profile than other Size Large helmets. And for the extra-endowed, Lazer has an XL size which was too big even for my melon. I'm satisfied with this purchase