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Finally, a solution for cold, wet feet

Tried many different shoe covers, from neoprene to Amfib to rubber-coated and so on. Then went with Northwave hi-top winter shoes, and still no satisfaction. Finally took a chance on these Gore Race Power (Thermo) overshoes, and couldn't be happier. These are to the feet what BarMitts are to the hands for winter riding, though quite a bit more svelte. These do not run large...on the contrary, I could not fit a Large on my size 44 shoe, so had to size up to XL. Those fit great. I've ridden many, many winter miles this year through rain, slush, bitter cold, wind and precious little sun...the Gore Race Power (Thermo) kept my mind completely off my feet because they were simply warm. Warm! What else do you need? They even protect you at that little point on the top of your foot where the ankle flexes upward, and water always seems to find a way in...not the case with these. I pull them off and the only moisture is from foot sweat, because again, the feet are warm. These covers + my regular road shoes + DeFeet WoolEator socks are all I need to get me through winter. Good stuff