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Fell apart as soon as warranty ran out

I was really hoping to get a jacket that would be light enough that I wouldn't boil in it while riding, waterproof enough to handle riding in the rain here in the SF Bay Area, and feel enough like a real jacket, rather than a plastic bag, that I'd be willing to wear it off the bike as well.

It falls short on the last point, although it does a lot better than most of the jackets I looked at. It has real hand pockets which are nice. The collar is a bit high when it's fully zipped up, but the cinch on the back of it is nice for keeping the wind out if it's really cold. Works fine with a hoodie or a scarf as well.

The reflective stuff is great. A driver complimented me as I rode by. The LED light seems pretty gimmicky, and it's very easy to forget about it and leave it on. Once the battery runs out, I'll probably drag my feet replacing it, but it's a nice thought, at least.

Fell apart as soon as warranty ran out
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Update: The waterproof lining started to flake off and fall apart after a little more than a year. Endura refused to do anything about it, saying their warranty only covers it for a year. Pretty bitter since I only got one season out of it. Would not recommend this jacket.