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Fantastic Light Jacket

If you're a gear geek - and let's face it - most of us shopping on this site are just that, then you've probably got a cycling clothing for almost every season. If you're looking at this jacket, I have to presume you're in the market for something that is super lightweight, will keep the wind out, and will keep you dry in anything but a huge downpour. If that's the case, you've come to the right page.

This jacket is ridiculously light. I haven't looked into its official weight, or bothered to try weighing it myself, because I don't think I own a scale that would even measure this thing. Maybe a food scale would do it, but why would anyone ever do that. What you care about when it comes to weight is what's it going to feel like in your back pocket before it comes time to put it on. Answer: As though it's not even there. Seriously, I barely notice it when I've got it stuffed back there.

Next - How does it work? Uh ... how about as well as you'd ever dream of it working? It blocks a ton of wind for being as paper thin as it is, keeps me dry, and I don't get all sweaty inside it. Not sure how the good folks at Castelli do it, but they've made a VERY breathable and VERY wind/water resistant jacket. Once again, nicely done people.

Last - Is it a decent value? I don't know, would you rather spend like $65 on this or $300 on the admittedly James Bond-like Pocket Liner Jacket? Well, until I hit the lottery, I ain't spending no $300 on one jacket, so thank you very much I think I'll take this kick ass jacket and invest the other $235 into a pair of new shoes or a killer helmet.

You're welcome.