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Face opening too small

I bought this in hopes of using it on cold morning rides, but ended up returning it because the fit was a tad bit snug. I'd call it more like "uncomfortably snug". Being a female with a good amount of thick hair, it was rather difficult getting this thing onto my head. I pulled my hair into a ponytail, and it was still pretty tough to get it on. Once it was on, I found the face opening to be too small for my liking. Also with no slits on the sides, it makes wearing sunglasses a challenge as well. I was really hoping this balaclava would work for me, because I have several other Gore pieces that I am completely happy with. I think I'll stick to using my Smartwool balaclava for now.

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Hey Linda,

Have you ever found another balaclava that worked out better? You also make a good point mentioning the ability or not, to fit long hair inside it (male or female)!