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Excellent - good from 55-40 degrees

This is my 4th piece in the Xenon line. I also have the bibs, jersey and SO jacket/jersey. Fit it designed for slim bodies. I wear a medium. I'm 5'11, w/ 40" chest. The jacket is comfortable between 45-55 degree range even at base training pace. I've worn a short sleeve jersey or a long sleeve base layer only. I would give it 5 stars except for only having one rear zippered pocket. It is big enough for cell phone and keys but not a lot extra. Sometimes I ride with two pairs of gloves - heavier pair to warm up and then switch to lighter pair. I would not be able to stash the second pair of gloves in the one pocket - it's not a problem if wearing a jersey underneath but there are no pockets on my base layer. This piece is a good bridge for when it is not cold enough for the Xenon SO Jacket but a little more is needed than just a vest.

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Can you comment on the water resistance? Will it keep you dry in a long ride in the rain?

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For a truly rainproof jacket, go for Gore's ALP-X 2.0 (or the new 3.0 on Gores' site). Rain-resistance is just that...resistance is futile! This is basically a windbreaker for summer (depending on what part of the country you live in, of course).
I also gave this jacket 4 starts because of the "hair net" type back "pocket". Not very durable, or sizable.

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It is sufficiently water resistant for a light rain but I have not tested it during a heavy rain. Also, as noted by another reviewer, this is not the most durable jacket. It is good for road use but on a MTB ride I snagged a tree branch and it ripped a hole on a sleeve. I was able to stitch it back together and it seems to have remained water resistant and wind-proof in that area. This is still a great piece and I would buy another. I used to live in flat-lands but am now in the mountains. This jacket is excellent for mountainous terrain as it will easily pack in a jersey pocket for extended climbs, then you can put it back on and be protected from winds on descents.