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Gear Review

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Excellent glasses

I have been cycling with Smith sunglasses for years and was not happy with the fact that they often kept sliding down my nose when I started to sweat a lot. The Smiths are also polarized so I could never properly see my Cateye computer screen. I was skeptical about trying non-polarized glasses because polarized are so good at cutting down glare, but these Oakleys are fantastic. I have no problem with glare, can see my computer perfectly, and they do not move or slip at all no matter how much you sweat. And I am in Naples, Florida, so I get to deal with glare and sweat all year round. You will not believe how these hug your head until you have actually worn them. And with this site's return policy, you have nothing to lose. I chose the Livestrong version over the stock Radar because my wife is a cancer survivor and we basically use every opportunity possible to support the search for a cure. So the $20.00 that goes to Livestrong is just a nice gesture on top of the fact that these are awesome glasses.