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Gear Review

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Excellent for strong riders

I was riding Michelin Race 3's for a couple of years. I love the road feel of those tires, and was always pleased, but felt that the lifespan of the tires was shorter than desired. I know, I shouldn't be riding race tires every day, but really? I love the gear, and the bike is my gym.
Anyway, a ride buddy who used to race a lot recommended that I go with the Vredesteins after a particularly aggressive bunny hop over a steel plate left me flatted out, keeping our group from our destination. I swapped out my yellow michelins for orange tricomps, and haven't looked back. The tread wear is great, long term I should probably go with the more conventional black compounds (I figure there's a reason why the product line features mostly black sidewalls, and the orange/orange combo is more for show).
Great handmade tire.