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Excellent and warm

I don't really know if it gets better than this as far as bib tights go. I'm 6'1", 185 with a 32" waist and a 32.75" inseam and L fits awesomely. If you have longer legs, it may be worth your while to size up, but they work for my relatively short legs.

The material is soft, breathable, and warm enough to deal with late fall riding in Minneapolis. The chamois is probably the best one I've ever tried--now that I've ridden this, I'm a bit bummed that I don't have any Castelli bibs for the summer.

My one qualm with these is the transition of the interior brushed fabric from black to red. The effect is very cool around the knees; not so much around the crotch. If things move around in a certain way, you end up with your dong outlined nicely in red. It's not really an issue unless you forget about it and start walking around, although this feature could be a plus to the Mario Cipollini's of the world.

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I ride in Mpls as well. Can you share your thoughts on the effective temp range. I am looking for something in the 40-60 degree range.

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these are good around the colder end of that range, but they would be pretty hot at 60. I don't think I would put these on above ~45 since I think they would get pretty hot. I usually ride with regular shorts and knee warmers down to 40-45, then these go on after that.

I haven't actually tried these above 45 or maybe 50 so I can't comment on how hot they would be, but I would suspect pretty warm. If you are one who really likes keeping the legs warm, they might work.