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Erratic HR readings

I recently purchased the FT60 for cycling training. The first few times I use it, the max hr value recorded during my training sessions was over 214 bpm. However, I never saw a value higher then 184 on the wrist unit and 214 is much higher them my max hr. I contacted support about the erratic HR readings and gave me an faq link with some tips. Unfortunately, after trying several tip, none seemed to help. I also found it odd that they publish a long list of things that cause disturbances between the wrist unit and the hr transmitter (below).Disturbances may occur near high-voltage power lines, traffic lights, mp3 player, overhead lines of electric railways, electric bus lines or trams, televisions, car motors, bike computers, some motor-driven exercise equipment, cellular phones, or when you walk through electric security gates. Microwave ovens, computers and WLAN base stations may also cause interference. To avoid erratic readings, move away from possible sources of disturbance.Seem unlikely that you can avoid many of these sources of disturbances while cycling (bike computers, car motors, electric lines, traffic lights, cellular phones). Maybe Polar needs to add an option to change the frequency in such cases.The other annoying thing I noticed about the FT60 is that you can not select the wrist display to display between hr only and hr and % max hr in the same screen during training. This can only be selected during setup settings and is not easily changed on the fly during training.