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Electra 2 jacket

Warm enough for cool temps in the mid-40s and up. Breathability could use some work; I had lots of moisture build up on the inside during a recent ride - sweat was almost dripping out when I removed the jacket. The zipper is a bit flaky but holds tight once its zipped. Overall a decent jacket.

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I am hoping someone can state how the fabric compares to the Gore jackets with most of the same features. The Gore styles are quire a bit costlier, but don't have 2-way zippers:>(

I love this brand, wish more retailers sold it. I need to compare this to the Gore products with the same features. 2-way zippers are one of the most important features for any cycling tops! Only tradition calls for archaic zippers that start only from the bottom without allowing the reverse opening.

Think about it...the faster you are moving, the more it matters which end is partially open. A convertible jacket-vest is the ideal item to test my theory! I personally am having 2-way zippers on all my apparel that requires new zippers (when you buy good quality, some fabrics are very long-lasting..I have half a dozen Castelli jerseys from 2001 that look new, except for the zippers wearing out. I wear them on most hot days training in the spring and summer.

Louis Garneau also has excellent fabrics, though not all of the fabrics last as long, but they still last longer than expected (some fabric designed for cold weather and layering can pill...but you can't blame that on the brand, any "fuzzy" fabric will pill at some point in its life).