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Gear Review

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Downright Indestructible

My brother uses these tires and he loves them. This is the Gods truth, these tires last so many miles he replaced his wheelset before replacing the tires. An amazing 330tpi avoids even the worst punctures. The sidewall is bulletproof and the rubber is long lasting. Great for year round use or training.
The kevlar beaded version weighs at:
220 grams - 23mm, 250 grams - 25mm, 270 grams - 28mm
The wire bead you see here is an additional 50grams a tire.

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Just to clarify, these tires are of the Grand Prix 4000 line or series and are not 330TPI, but rather 110TPI by three plies. Many people get confused as per the way to read the specs correctly. Their incredible puncture resistance actually comes from two plies of Vectran Material under the tread. Vectran is the best material in all modern tires so far to keep weight to minimum, give exceptionally low rolling resistance, and just plain awesome puncture resistance! These tires are truly fantastic!